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Child Psychotherapy Assessment

An assessment is always carried out at the start of our work together to see if child psychotherapy is a suitable approach for your child.

It includes an initial parent consultation, lasting 1.5 hours, followed by 3 individual psychotherapy sessions with your child, each lasting 50 minutes. Occasionally, this part of the process is extended by a further 2-3 sessions if necessary. We will then meet again to review the assessment and decide next steps together.  

A child psychotherapy assessment can also be helpful for your child in its own right. It can have therapeutic benefits and can help you and other adults involved in your child's care to understand their difficulties and how to support them.   

Please note, a child psychotherapy assessment is not diagnostic, however, I can provide recommendations for onward  referrals if required.

Individual Psychotherapy

I will meet your child each week on the same day, at the same time and in the same location. Sessions last 50 minutes. Children and younger adolescents will be given a box of resources, appropriate to their age and needs, specifically for them to use in each session. Boxes include a range of toys, building materials and art equipment. Older teenagers will also have the option to use toys or art equipment if they wish. Together in the safety of the therapy room, the ideas communicated through your child's play, actions or talk can be explored; helping to make sense of their thoughts, feelings and behaviour so that they can understand themselves better and begin to approach things in a different way. 

Individual psychotherapy may be on-going over an extended period of time or of briefer duration. All therapeutic work is reviewed regularly to ensure it remains helpful.

Parent Work

Parent sessions are regular, but less frequent, with the aim of supporting your child's individual therapy. I offer a safe, non-judgemental space to think together about your child's difficulties and the emotional experience underlying their behavioural response. Parent sessions last 50 minutes.

Family Work

Working with your child and family together can help develop a deeper understanding of the dynamics within the family and help improve relationships. Family sessions can be helpful on their own or as a way of supporting your child's individual therapy. Family sessions last 50 minutes. 

Consultations with Schools

I provide consultations to schools and other professionals working with children. This may be about the needs of a specific child or a particular issue affecting many children that needs to be understood.

Consultations can be over the telephone or online.  


Please contact me to discuss fees.

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