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Welcome to Emma Diamant Psychotherapy, a child and adolescent psychotherapy service committed to better mental health and well-being for your child

 It is normal for children and young people to experience difficulties and feel a range of emotions during their day. However, the extent of these and how they are managed can vary greatly. While some young people are able to navigate challenges and move on by themselves, many will need the support of others. This may come from parents, teachers, friends or other significant relationships but sometimes, even with this support, children and young people continue to struggle. They may withdraw, demonstrate challenging or worrying behaviours, have reduced capacity to carry out everyday tasks, lose motivation or seem constantly angry or sad. This can go on to affect academic performance, relationships and family life. 

Sometimes, the young person's difficulties may be recognised as a direct response to trauma or adverse life events but often this is not the case and it can be hard for parents or carers to know why their child is struggling or how to help.

Child psychotherapists are specialists in helping children, young people and their families to understand what is going on beyond the observable behaviour or difficulty. They offer a safe, non-judgemental space where children and young people can explore the way they experience and interact with the world around them. This allows thoughts, feelings and behaviours to be made sense of together; facilitating emotional development, breaking down barriers to learning and improving relationships.

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When we start to understand our thoughts, feelings and behaviour, things can begin to change.

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